Saturday, June 20, 2015

All is not lost for Mar Roxas

I've been studying the communication being purveyed by Mar Roxas to his publics, and really, it does not help him improve. For one, he allows discredited third parties to speak for and on his behalf. One example is Caloocan Congressman Edgar Erice. The very fact that he is Roxas' lapdog totally disqualifies him from speaking for and on his behalf.

Erice should be the last person to speak about Mar. Every time he opens his mouth, Erice does harm rather than add goodwill for Mar. Everyone knows how corrupt Erice is, and he is the least person to talk about a replacement for Pnoy.

I've seen Mar up close and personal and if this is just a two-party fight, and the audience choose based on capability, integrity and character, Mar has a chance to beat others.

As a strategic communications professional, I have a very important tip for Mar--- present yourself to the masses/public without any pretensions and be ready to be accepted by them without any conditions.

Mar does not need fancy advertisement. Mar does not need any embellishment. Mar is okey the way he is. Got it?

For the last time, present yourself before the people--warts and all. You don't need a publicist to do that. Present yourself and ask for some forgiveness for the things you did in the past. Meaning, come clean.

Accept that you are a bureaucrat, that you are an amazement with small groups. You are not as handsome as the others, but you have the mind, the skills, and the experience that you feel are enough qualifications for the people to consider you as their leader.

Throw away all your traditional thoughts about politics. Present yourself without any makeup, without anything and the people will accept who you are. That's the secret of attraction.

I call this strategy---pagbabagong bihis. Mar, you need this, not just to win, but to be able to really connect with the people whom you love.