Friday, June 19, 2015

When Susan Roces was offered to become President

At the height of the electoral fraud brouhaha in 2004-2005, public outrage was so high, many people thought that its best to call for another election and pit Susan Roces, wife of FPJ. Roces was more articulate than FPJ. Fact was, she did not mince words when asked to describe what Madame Arroyo did.

Many groups asked her to run for president or even serve as Titular head when a revolutionary government succeeds after the ouster of Arroyo.

Everyone knows what happened. Roces thanked all groups and politely told everyone that she has no desire to run. Yes, she's qualified--Roces is natural-born. Yes, she is educated and yes, she is bred in the finest home. Let me describe what Enrile recalled on that time:

"As Mrs. Susan Roces Poe addressed the nation today to express her indignation against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, she emerged as the strongest moral force for all opposition forces to unite in challenging the incumbent’s right to govern.
No one can dispute the strength of Mrs. Poe’s moral position in the current political crisis. Her moral ascendancy springs not only from the fact that she is the widow of our fallen leader, the late Fernando Poe, Jr. More importantly, it springs from her own attributes of intelligence, honesty, dignity and integrity.
While maintaining herself above partisan political interests, she has courageously and with admirable candor, lent her voice to echo the sentiments not only of the millions of supporters of her late husband but of all Filipinos who believe that their sacred right to choose their leader through the ballot has been trampled upon.
President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, even under detention, has provided the political leadership required in the effort to achieve cohesion among diverse opposition groups. The desired unity, however, has not been attained. Mrs. Poe’s moral leadership will likely galvanize all forces towards a common direction and objective.
When Fernando Poe, Jr. decided to run for President, he asked me to join him in his quest and to commit to pursue his mission even at the cost of our own lives. I accepted his challenge. In a meeting we had at the residence of Sen. Tessie Aquino Oreta days after the May 11, 2004 elections, FPJ told all of us in his slate that he will continue his fight and reminded me that I had pledged my life to his cause. I told him that I am standing by my commitment.
Today, though regretting that FPJ is no longer in our midst, I join his widow, Mrs. Poe, in her call for the people to voice out their rightful indignation. I repeat what I have stated before that the question of whether resignation is the patriotic and honorable thing for the President to do is ultimately addressed to her conscience. In President Arroyo’s search for what is good for the nation, let the people be "

Remember two things: Roces became a moral force and there was a cause for action---two things which Roces could have considered and made reasons for running and opposing Arroyo.

What did Roces do? SHE POLITELY ASKED THOSE GROUPS NOT TO INVOLVE HER IN THESE THINGS. Why? Because Mrs. Roces was gracious enough to admit that she is not made out for that position and that she is not prepared.

That, inspite of the fact that Roces' name registered very high in the surveys and millions of Filipinos want her as a counterforce against Arroyo. Had Roces decided right there and there, history might have been different.

So there. Mrs. Roces, wife of FPJ was not enticed nor lured by the sparkle of power. 

Susan Roces was not greedy. Susan Roces was not and never was attracted by Power. 

And how about this person who claims to be the daughter of Da King?