Sunday, June 21, 2015

Binay is still the man to beat--and possibly, become president come 2016

If you ask me--nothing has changed even after these surveys about other candidates for the presidency showing them gaining points and eclipsing Vice president Jejomar Binay. My gut feel plus my analytical mind tell me that Binay remains a great favourite and even these latest surveys show that.

Both SWS and Pulse Asia surveys show Binay gaining pogi points from the ABC socio-economic class and losing some from the DE. This is some of the facts which were not highlighted by the media yet it stares glaringly at the face of those who tries to read the political times.

For me, this is strange since most members of this class belong to what we call "informed publics". They have greater access to information and for Binay to recover from this class means that he is doing the right thing. Or, there is something his men are doing that is helping him improve his numbers there.

As an analyst, I don't necessarily back my assumptions only on the overall results of surveys. I analyse and break them into pieces, and analyse every single thing  to get a deeper understanding of what lies beneath the veneer. As a veteran of many political wars, I have trained my mind to think strategically and identify opportunities.

His enemies are actually engaged in a  psywar against him. Binay's enemies want to destroy his organisation. They first tried to destroy his financial support base. Now, they want nothing more than create divisions and affect the morale of those who work for the vice president.

I think they failed in the first one and surely to fail again in the second plan.