Friday, June 19, 2015

Grace Poe gets my vote

After deep thought, I am voting for Senator Grace Poe as our new president. Let me explain why.

First, I have enough savings in the bank to tide me and my family over in case this economy goes down in the next six years. I don't care about the poor and the destitute. Poe will continue the anomalous Pambayad sa Poor err program of Pnoy anyway. Poe will still spend billions just to keep 2 million Filipino families afloat in the next six years while she toys with governance.

Why do I say that the economy is expected to go south when Poe assumes the presidency? Well, for one, Poe will never, ever side with the Filipino consumer. Never. She will protect the rich, the very class that gave her the ratings and those who suggested that she runs for president even if she's not ready for it.

While protecting Big Business, Poe will unwittingly (or wittingly) dispossess the ordinary Filipino with his purchasing power. Of course, prices will go up and government will not prevent the prices of these goods from going way, way up, until they're not anymore available for purchase by the ordinary people.

When consumer confidence wanes, so does the economy, which, unknown to Poe, is very much a consumerist economy already. Monthly salaries of employees will remain the same and fortunately, there's this pending bill by Senator Angara that grants a lower income tax. Without this, I don't know what.

Of course, Poe will have her own businessmen to protect, and most of them, involved in the extraction of minerals. These conos will again carve our mountains for ore and submit them to China to process them and sent it back to us. Some of these ores will be transformed into war machines, even ships fortified with guns and bullets which will be used by the Chinese to kill Filipinos who will try to fish off the waters of the West Philippine sea.

The second reason why I'll vote for Poe is that she is perceived to be "clean." People expect her not to touch the people's funds. Of course, she will not, but how about those who financed her campaign for the presidency--are they also banned from touching those trillions?

How about her "mentors"--are they also immune from corruption?

The third reason why I'll vote for Poe is simply she is the best person to destroy the vaulted power of the Liberal Party. Yes, many people want her but never Mar Roxas.

Poe is the best way to destroy the Liberal Party. Enuf said.