Friday, June 19, 2015

Thanks to Grace Poe

Thanks to Grace Poe and the 2016 presidential elections became a very interesting flashpoint. Yes, a flashpoint for an eventual revolution.

With Poe's name entering into the picture, the political scene is now as blurred as the skies of the Metro during dusk. The political risk has increased. Thanks to all those who are pushing for her to run--you are doing a great service to players in the stock market. Of course, what I meant was you are increasing uncertainty especially in the political scene which of course, we all know affect our economy.

Thanks to Grace Poe and there is now no reason or even very small probability of those in the administration of considering cheating in the 2016 elections just so their candidate wins. By the time October comes, the Liberal Party members who favour Mar will become so small, they will just fit a Volkswagen, says a very reliable source.

Thanks to Grace Poe and the Liberal party is becoming weaker by the minute. Look at the surveys and it will show that the only way for Roxas to increase his ratings is for them, the Liberals, to destroy Poe.

The President's group will become fragmented, yes, because of Poe. There will be those who will side with her and others will side with Mar. If the President endorses Poe, this will further affect the Liberals, most of them rely on the Executive for their respective funds.