Friday, June 19, 2015

Grace Poe leading the race--why vote for her?

News today--Grace Poe has taken over Vice president Jejomar Binay in the ratings game. And all she can say is "I'm humbled." Knowing her, Poe is far from acting "humble".

After this remark, Poe was quick to add that the "people's voice is important to me." So there, Poe is really considering running probably for the top post. She's salivating so profusely in the mouth, there can be no denying that she's being lured for a post that she knows she's unprepared.

Truth be told but Poe is definitely reading every single thing about this wrong. As what this writer has maintained since the very start---the 2016 presidential elections is not something for us, Filipinos, to toy about. We must be way past that time when it is okey to elect lemons as our President.

For one, we don't deserve another lemon occupying the Office of the President. Another is, we have already went past the experimental stage where we elect people based on how immaculate they look on television or how we perceive them as incorruptible. We might as well elect a nun or a priest if that is the case.

We are doing a great disservice to our people if we elect a potential dummy of Big Business as our President. 

On the other hand, thinking about it, yes, let's elect Grace Poe as our President.

Let's elect someone who does not even love our country in the first place, someone who abandons her people when the going gets tough and the tough gets going. One sign---her decision to swear before the American flag as a citizen.

Let's elect someone who will entertain us with her antics---riding MRTs, submitting a report slanted according to what the people think and riding every inconceivable issue to the hilt. At the end of the propaganda, where's the work done? What legislation was passed? What report led to the prosecution of the guilty?

Let's elect someone who will practically leave all the governance to a select few while she does her job as the government's poster girl who dishes populist positions at the mer say-so of her handlers. If that is what the Office of the President represents, then, so be it.

Let's elect a popular president who will not touch the interests of Big Business in the name of Neo-Liberalism. Let's not mind if those Big firms raise the prices of electricity, of water, of food and all others. That's maybe the price of our Folly.

Let's elect someone who does not know yet the workings of democracy, someone who only dreams of becoming a president because maybe she saw them as glamorous in the movies or simply considers becoming president because she thinks its destiny.

Yes, elect Grace Poe as President. Anyway, we are nearing Apocalypse anyway and we need someone who will pray with us, to save us from ourselves.