Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aquino-Cojuangco clan and Miners triumph in electing next President

President Aquino has just endorsed someone who he describes as the "tuwid na daan" candidate as his best possible successor. For course, this is somewhat a damper since Senate president Franklin Drilon has just revealed what Pnoy is expected to do after his last State of the Nation address--proclaims his anointed one, and surely, everyone expects him to anoint Mar Roxas.

Aquino's pronouncement yesterday is somewhat an anti-climax because every Juan already knows who he would anoint. Pnoy has no choice but to toe the party line because he risks isolation. The minute Pnoy announces his true preferred candidate, Pnoy loses his main support base. With a Grace Poe-Chiz Escudero tandem looms, Pnoy has no other option except to accept his party's decision to field an unpopular candidate. Pnoy's hands are tied. He risks creating another possible political "enemy" in the camp of Roxas.

With Poe running for the presidency, Aquino's future is already secured. That five-hour dinner aims to  assure the departing Chief Executive that no criminal case would be filed against him. A Mar victory is an icing in the cake. Poe is not expected to do the right thing and punish those responsible for the celebrated DAP/PDAF scandal. Why?

Who supports Poe and Escudero but none other than the Nationalist People's Coalition or NPC which is controlled by Danding Cojuangco, uncle of the president. Aside from Cojuangco, the Zamora brothers and Ramon Ang of San Miguel Corporation. These people are MINERS.

Ang is interested in Tampakan gold mines in Cotabato, while the Zamoras maintain several mining concessions. Of course, the Cojuangcos are active as well in the extractive industry in cement.

Who triumphs if Poe succeeds in her candidacy? It would be the miners. These financiers expect their Return on Investments or ROI, and it will not just be political ROI.

And if Roxas succeeds, who wins? It would be Eric Gutierrez, the mining partner of Edgar Erice, the lapdog of Roxas in the Liberal party. Gutierrez is a protege of Zamora. So, even if Zamora is not physically there in support of Roxas, he has his proxy in the person of Gutierrez.

See those luscious forests in Mindanao? It would surely be gone the minute Poe or Roxas wins. Heard those deaths in Semirara? That would increase the minute either one of these candidates win.

Scoping these candidates for the presidency and surely almost everyone with the exception of Ping Lacson has backers connected with the mining sector.

If Poe or Roxas wins, their backers in the business community also wins. And we all know what happened during the Aquino administration, when no one among his erring Cabinet members got punished for their dastardly sins against the people because they were well protected by the political equity of the incumbent President. This should change with the next administration.

Now, before we even consider who to vote for, please for the sake of our country, our choice should never be an emotional one. The next president should be elected based on meritocracy.

Why? Because the next six years would see this country prosper beyond everyone's expectations. Our politics should mature. Our governance should improve to complement this growth in the economic sector.