Wednesday, July 22, 2015

US Backs Senator Grace Poe for president--why?

Highly reliable sources just confirmed what I felt all along--that there is that sinister hand of the State department behind Senator Grace Poe's candidacy for the presidency.

Yes, Kiko, it's confirmed.

Several people whom I will not identify say that the US state department wants nothing more than their own citizen as President of this country. Yes, Philip Ilustre, you heard me right.

Who will be the best to push for Uncle Sam's agenda in the Asia-Pacific? Obviously, someone who knows and feels how it is to be an American.

The US will not support Mar Roxas simply because he has Spanish blood and the Spanish-American war is still a hot subject in the teaching of American history for elementary and high school American students. Who will want a Spaniard to become president of this Republican-loving country?

Who will want Duterte as president? Definitely not Uncle Sam, because Duterte's heart is in the right place and he was born poor and he does not know how it is to be an American (although his daughter looks like one. )

Are you asking me about Miriam? Who in his right mind would vote for someone like her?

How about Ping? Yes, Ping is the ideal president, although we need to ask China and the US about him. I know that in 2008, the State department has already rejected his previous request for support. Wasn't it his subordinates who were caught smuggling intelligence reports out of the FBI several years ago?

Okey, okey, definitely NOT Binay. Binay is not really that close with Uncle Sam despite looking like Obama. IN 2010, handlers of Pnoy likened him to Obama, when really, the only likeness to the US president is their thinning hair and shiny scalp.

And surely, some Americans still harbor imperialist and racist views. How do they view Binay? Those who don white robes with two holes for eyes will tell you. And the irony is that they call themselves KKK?

Anyway, imagine this scenario....

Her Excellency Grace Poe with First Gentleman, American so and so who works for the US navy...and here comes the Presidential daughters, so and so, also American citizens being naturally born in the States. 

With Grace Poe as President, that completes the colonialization of the Philippines. Well, that would be good news for most Filipinos who want nothing more than see the Philippines as the next Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or Mexico.

Good for some, bad for others.

Imagine, how many Chinoy traders would be left shirtless when the Americanos and the Pensionados assume power.