Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Grace Poe-Escudero for 2016. Mar Roxas to be endorsed by Pnoy

Seems like Pnoy will do what his mother, the late Cory, did when she faced the same quandary in 1992--endorse what her political allies recommended yet changed tack when the election nears.

Cory Aquino initially endorsed Ramon Mitra as her presidential candidate only to change late in the game in support of her general, Fidel Valdes Ramos. 

The possibility of a Mar-Poe tandem is now just that--a possibility. Two things: first, Poe will surely not abandon her team-mate Escudero for one simple reason--Poe relies on Escudero's machinery. Last 2013, it was Escudero's and Osmena's vaulted network that propelled her to victory. Without it, even if she's so popular, Poe stands to lose. That's the lesson her late father knew late in the game in 2004.

Second, Escudero's big-time financiers are backing Poe. The three Zamora brothers--Manny, Buddy and Congressman Zamora are bankrolling her candidacy, same goes with Ricky Razon and of course,

Mar Roxas' LP is a big machinery because it has money. However, without a popular leader, even with money, LP's chances remain shaky.

What the Liberals does not recognize is the fact that even with Mar Roxas alone and even if Mar fares well at the surveys, he suffers the same predicament as what Binay right now still agonizes--the lack of a proper running mate. If the Aquino-Poe talks falter, Mar will be left without a running mate.