Monday, July 13, 2015

We salute Leo Espina

Leo Espina, one of those whom this country owes a lot
Just three days before his retirement day, but General Leo Espina seems excited donning another uniform--this time, probably an overall. Today, Leo Espina, that Gentleman and an Officer, is officially a civilian. And the country once more loses one of its most illustrious sons.

Espina is an epitome of a perfect Official. He is courteous, humble and highly efficient. No politics in his head. He does not play politics or games. I remember former PNP chief Ed Aglipay in him.

He held his own in a highly politicized PNP. This is the first time in the PNP's history that this once revered institution was thrust into politics. What is so wonderful about Espina is he rose above it all.

That, for me, is a class act.

I hope the country does not see the last of Espina.