Thursday, July 30, 2015

Grace Poe is sure to run for the presidency come 2016 as the Top Miners' Candidate

Her handlers are portraying her as a reluctant candidate. Sources say this is farthest from the truth. Grace Poe's feet are itching to start her campaign for the presidency because she has nothing to lose and all to gain from this.

Poe has already received campaign contributions from her electoral financiers, mostly involved in the mining business. Sources say, Ramon Ang of San Miguel has already bankrolled her campaign with the three Zamora brothers: Manny, Buddy and Ronnie Zamora, the very first time that these three brothers united under one candidate. Of course, this is quite obvious, simply because Ronnie Zamora hates the guts of Vice president Jejomar Binay whom he had a political spat several years ago. Zamora actually financed the Vice President's political nemesis, Vice mayor Mercado and Teddy Locsin, people whom Binay alienated in 2010 when the former Makati mayor sided with other political allies in Makati.

Anyway, Poe enjoys a perception of being the strongest contender as yet, based again on these surveys. Her backers are mostly coming from the Nationalist People's Coalition or NPC of Danding Cojuangco, the very same political Kingmaker who supported Poe's dear friend and mentor, Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero Jr.

By the way, do you know why Cojuangco supports Chiz? Cojuangco's ties with the Escudero family go a long way back, even from the days of the Marcos regime. Escudero's father, former Bicol Congressman Salvador Escudero, was formerly Food and Agriculture Minister of former president Ferdinand Marcos. 

It was under Escudero's term when the controversial COCO levy fund scandal was hatched, and we all know how this scheme benefitted Danding Cojuangco. Cojuangco was able to use these funds to purchase a major stake at San Miguel Corporation. And the rest is history.

That explains why Cojuangco supports Escudero. What Cojuangco's gang wants now is for Chiz to get the vice presidency. Why?

Again, this is all about monies. Several fund investments exist which was set up as far back as the Marcos regime. These investments must be recovered. The only way is for someone close to the Cojuangcos to get into the Executive department. 

Now, does Chiz deserve the vice presidency? Those who know the real Chiz, those who had the misfortune of meeting him up close and personal, will tell you disappointing things about this man. 

When Chiz was still married to this former lounge singer, this man reportedly goes home late at night, drunk, and sometimes, try to make a punching bag out of his wife. He dishes unmentionable things here whenever he's drunk. Some people told this writer that Chiz becomes Mr. Hide when intoxicated. 

How about Grace Poe? Poe is the adopted daughter of Fernando Poe Jr who happens to be a friend of Cojuangco. Remember how FPJ endorsed San Miguel beer?

Poe has political ambitions not because she really wants to continue what FPJ started,  but she wants to run to prove to herself and to her "so-called family" that she is better than them.

Aside from this, don't mention to Grace that some people know why she is desperate to run for the presidency. She knows what she violated last 2010 and 2013 which could easily invalidate her status as a government official now.