Thursday, August 6, 2015

An appeal to Ms. Poe-Llamanzares--stop using the illustrious name of FPJ and Susan Roces please!

I appeal to Grace Poe not to use her adoptive parents in the pursuit of her political ambitions. In her recent interview, Poe peppers her speech with motherhood statements and references to what her adoptive father and mother shared with her.

How will you believe Poe's claims that she knows what her father believed in when she was not even here when her father, Fernando Poe Jr., campaigned against corruption? In 2004, Grace Poe was not even a Filipino citizen because, according to her, she only re-acquired Filipino citizenship in 2005. Meaning, Poe was not able to vote for her father because she was still an American citizen.

Records from the registry of the US government shows Grace Poe Llamanzares renouncing her American citizenship only in 2013. So there.

Do you know why Poe decided to migrate and renounce her Filipino citizenship in 1991? Poe decided against the wishes of her adoptive father, Fernando Poe Jr. when she eloped and married and went to the United States with Mr. Neil Llamanzares. FPJ was so angry with Poe when she eloped and did not finish her U.P. education. That explains why it was only in 2005 when Poe decided to come back to the Philippines when FPJ was already laid in a casket. 

Meaning, as far back as 1991, Grace was never a dutiful daughter. She actually went against the wishes of her father, for her to finish her studies here and

How dare Grace Poe claims that she knows what her father fought for, when she was not even here, with us, fighting for that same advocacy? How dare Poe uses the illustrious name of her father just to pursue her selfish ambitions?

And how dare Grace Poe even drags Susan Roces to her political quandary, when Roces herself, remains apolitical? 

By the way, Llamanzares is a natural-born American now serving the US Navy. If Poe wins the presidency, we will have a very embarrassing situation where we have a naturalized President, an American for a First Gentleman and American citizens as First daughters and sons. That completes our being a US protectorate state.

That shows how desperate we are--that we are ready to accept even an embarrassing situation like this, just because we are led to believe or we are emotionally engaged to elect someone who we believe is "clean" or "incorruptible."

The mere fact that Poe knows the real truth about her status and that she is continually violating the law by occupying a post  which she does not deserve is, by itself, committing corruption.

Grace Poe still has many things in her plate. A check with Wikipedia shows that most of her proposed bill are still pending and not one of them passed the scrutiny of Congress. 

If Poe is really sincere in her desire to serve, let her finish her legislative agenda. She is half-baked, why entrust to her the reins of this government of 100 million souls?

Are we so desperate that we are ready to enter into an unknown and unsteady future with Grace Poe? Are we not ashamed? We should be because we are 100 million strong and we do not have even twelve decent people to elect as our president?