Thursday, August 6, 2015

Grace Poe and the "alleged top secret" document presented by Pnoy to Senator Grace Poe

Grace Poe is trying very hard to hide her ill-feelings against several members of the Liberal Party. In her emergency interview yesterday, Poe said President Pnoy presented to her a "top secret" document, which she did not specify for "security" reasons. Really now.

What was that document which Poe referred to? Sources say, that document contains Poe's immigration records which show her travelling still using her American passport even after claiming to have renounced her American citizenship in 2005.

Again, based on Poe's travel records, the "senator" still travelled to the United States using her American passport even in 2013. American records show that Poe only reportedly renounced her American citizenship last July 2013, which meant that Poe was still an American citizen when she accepted the MTRCB post in 2010. This is one violation of the law because only Filipino citizens are allowed to occupy government posts.

Which meant, Poe is only a Filipino citizen for only two years. Which also meant that Poe was not able to vote for the election of her father, Fernando Poe Jr. last 2004!

Anyway, let's talk about this document which Pnoy presented to Grace Poe. Sources say, the document contains her travel records. Why will the President share with her highly classified documents and what for? 

Those documents reportedly came from Nong Cruz, this lawyer connected with the camp of Liberal party presidential bet Mar Roxas. 

Atty. Nonong Cruz is behind the campaign camp of Roxas. He was last seen with Mar Roxas yesterday when the LP candidate went to Navotas fish port.

Cruz reportedly is in possession of travel records from 2010 up and which shows Poe still using her American passport even after 2013!

The issue is--did the President show these records to Poe to "force her" to coalesce with Roxas, the President's presidential bet?