Friday, August 7, 2015

Grace Poe using Pnoy's "necropolitical" inspired script in 2009 to guarantee victory in 2016

The Poe Strip Tease Show—acutely similar with that of Pnoy’s Necropolitical Strategy in 2009.

Grace Poe is always saying that the more people throw dirt at her, the more determined she becomes to finally stake her political future and run for the presidency. Honestly, I find her pronouncements rather mayabang.

Read this and you'll find that Poe's candidacy is actually material only in delimiting the growth of Mar Roxas' mass base. A Poe candidacy will affect Roxas' more than it does to Binay's.

The camp of Senator Grace Poe is reputedly crafting a platform of governance. Poe claims that she is in consultation with different groups. These people are reportedly giving her information about what ails Philippine society at the same time, advising her on the things needed to be accomplished for a better society.

While at the same time saying that she is still undecided and is still thinking of running for president or not come 2016.

Bull. Crap.

This slow strip show is not at all amusing. Why the tease, Ms. Poe-Llamanzares? Why not say outright that you are running for higher office? If the reason is you’re afraid of opening yourself up for criticism, it will surely happen anyway before, during or surely after you file your CoC this October. That’s part of the game. Unless, of course, you’re deathly afraid of being haunted by the specter of an infraction you even admitted publicly last 2013?

Poe’s handlers are trying to do the same exact formula they used for then Senator Benigno Aquino III in 2009. Initial calls for Pnoy’s candidacy came shortly after her mother was buried. It escalated to a crescendo months before October of 2009, and the same events were reported to media—Pnoy billeting himself in a seminary with priests and nuns with him. Stories about his parents were re-published. Pnoy’s life was put on the spot, with emphasis on his being “honest” and of being “different from his former professor, Gloria Arroyo”.  Pnoy was even reported to have been in consultation with different groups to form a platform of governance.

The same script is being followed now. Poe is reportedly in consultation with groups. Poe, in her public speeches, says that she is still “in contemplation”, alluding to Pnoy’s “self-imposed” seminary “live-in” in 2009.

Pnoy used necropolitics in his way to electoral victory. Grace Poe is also doing it, invoking the name of her dear departed and popular father to advance her own personal and political interests.

In her press conferences, Poe is peppering them with necropolitical language such as “according to my father”, and using her adoptive mother, Susan Roces as a shield against integrity attacks. Knowing her lineage and how conservative the Cruz (Roces) family is, such a tactic is definitely not welcome at all.

The fact is—in the provinces, Grace Poe posters with her dead father have been plastered all over along major highways. Is that the demeanor of a person who is not running for office? Poe is again, using the name of her dead adoptive father, FPJ, in furthering her own selfish political ambition.

Honestly, what is Grace Poe fighting for? By clinching the number 1 spot in the Senatorial race, that is enough vindication already for her father.  By taking on the causes of the people thru legislation, Poe has probably made her father happy. Then, why trouble with other matters such as this run for the presidency?

Poe’s legislative record is as spotty as her true genealogy. Review the bills that she filed and every single one is still pending before Congress. Nothing has been made into law yet, and now she claims that she is ready for a bigger and higher calling?

Bull. Crap.

For those who think that attacking Poe benefits Binay or Mar, think again. If Poe decides not to run for the presidency, that is actually not entirely okay for both candidates. A one-on-one would surely increase the possibility of that eventually turning into an armed confrontation later. Do you think Mar’s camp would allow a Binay win? That also applies with the Binay’s. Do you sincerely believe that Binay would not fight for his right for the presidency? 2016 is an opportunity for both, and likewise, the biggest political risk for both. The one who loses here goes straight to retirement. No one has actually recovered from a serious loss like this. Estrada recovered because he was unduly and inhumanely persecuted and ousted from power. Estrada’s camp successfully established the belief of restitution to power as a form of justice for the injustice which his political enemies did to him. In this case, a defeat for Binay or Mar means retirement from politics. Defeat means the end of a career.

A third force avoids such a possibility from happening. The more personalities throwing their hats unto the ring, the lesser possibility of 2016 eventually going to the dogs, so to speak.

Now, will a Poe eat the constituency of Binay? Not a chance. Everyone knows how valuable having a solid mass constituency is. Poe has none. She is perceived to be a strong candidate because of the support of a segment of the middle class, but every astute political observer knows this is entirely not enough to guarantee victory.

It is more likely that Mar’s base will surely become smaller still if Poe runs for the presidency. Poe and Mar share the same constituency. Both will surely cancel out in the end game. Who will benefit in the end is Escudero. Poe’s popularity will lift Escudero’s while affecting Mar’s. And in a 3-party fight or a multi-party fight, it is Binay who is expected to win.