Thursday, September 17, 2015

Singapore and Hongkong---second best homes for me

Of course, the Philippines is my home but if you ask me where is my second? Two countries occupy my mind most often---Singapore and Hongkong.

I love the vibrancy of Hongkong. Whenever I'm there, I feel alive. Every single thing gets my fancy and what I love there is, you never tire of discovering new things. There is always something new even from old things.

I love how Hongkongers was able to fuse together the East and the West and made it a beautiful thing. Hongkong is just an island but a magnificent symbol of how mercantilism and culture can mix together to form one beautiful masterpiece of a Nation.

I was highly fortunate to work in Singapore for many years. Even now, I still remember those years spent with friends and Singaporeans as colleagues. Yes, I admit there were also times of great sadness when you remember your country and the things which you love most yet lost because you are now several thousand miles away.

What is best in Singapore is yes, racial harmony. Singapore is the best model of a cosmopolitan country--a country tolerant of every race. I also love and admire of how Singaporeans think--they show a firm faith in science and in the arts.

Just recently, the Singaporean government says they need 18,000 more citizens every year. Every year, they give permanent resident visa statuses to about 30,000 foreigners and more than half qualified as citizens. Singapore has the lowest birth rate in Asia, and this drive is one way of securing a healthy future for everyone.

While working there, I love every minute of it because I was able to share new ideas into the culture. Whenever I see those ideas germinate and see them used by those banks which we were able to sell our proposals, I feel happy and satisfied, especially when I got my promotion and pay raise. :-)

I am now thinking of migrating after the May 2016 elections because I feel that, with the current crop of candidates and the people behind these candidates, I expect nothing new or nothing to change come 2016.