Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lack of Leaders and Definite Succession Plan leading RP to peril

Are the gods really playing on us? I mean, thirty years ago, and the problem back then was who would succeed Ferdie Marcos Senior who lies in bed, afflicted by a rare disease called Lupus.  Thirty years later, and we see none of the vestiges of the old regime, but we are facing the same problem that actually sparked what we now term as EDSA uno--the problem of succession.

PulseAsia and SWS surveys say there is a statistical tie between and among presidentiables Grace Poe, Jejomar Binay and Mar Roxas. Meaning, if elections are held today, then, we will see a rare occurrence---a president elected via the slimmest of margins. It will not be a minority president, oh no. It will be a minority president of a minority. Meaning, more than 80% of voters actually does not want him as president but because neither of two forces wanted to give way, it created a scenario which requires only 20% and you win the presidency.

Such a scenario would be extremely bad for the country because we sincerely need a leader to lead us post-Aquino wise. We need a majority president, because what we require for the next six years is political stability to sustain the economic gains we have achieved this last six years.

If we elect a minority president, there will be chaos for six years. Who wins eventually? It would be the big-time businessmen who thrives in a chaotic environment and who sees an opportunity during chaotic moments.