Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reality bites

Twenty years ago, there was this film entitled " Reality Bites", produced by Danny Devito and it stars Winona Ryder, Ben Stiller and two other actors. Anyway, I watched this film again this morning, and it reminded me of my chaotic life twenty years ago. I identify with the character played by Ethan Hawke, of the one who just graduated from college, and still entertain thoughts of changing the world while not make myself impoverished planning for it.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing about this film now is that I was also in that kind of situation which Ryder's character found herself in---working in a broadcast network while harboring thoughts of finally finishing my obra, which, at that time, was a book. Twenty years ago, shortly after leaving UP Diliman, I found myself doing media work (writing) for GMA7 DZBB from 9 o'clock in the evening up to 7 in the morning. Afterwhich, I then go to UP Manila to teach, and I did that for a year or two. After two semesters, I included Dela Salle Manila in my resume, again, since the school pays better than any other.

Like those characters, I also remember being so engrossed with the problems of the world that I sometimes forgot my own. I was a fish who just got out of the water, and learning to breathe without the gills and all. I asked myself--how could you even think of launching a revolution all of twenty years of age and without your army and just your dick with you? Several years later, and I did enriched the world not as rebel leader but as a father. My contribution to the world is simply, add more people whom Mother Nature had to feed.

There was a scene there which reminded me of my first job---a stint at Wendy's. When I was still in college, I thought of making extra money just to pay for books. Out of college, I did get the jobs that I wanted. I wanted to teach and I had offers to teach at UP Baguio and UP Manila. I chose UP Manila.  I remember also doing a teaching demo at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UAP) after my friend who is an Opus Dei.

Actually, there are many scenes there which reminds me of my life two decades ago---maxing out my credit cards, spending some time finding work, going round and round, just finding meaning about life and about existence and about everything.

Watch the movie, all you nineties suckers! And enjoy.