Thursday, April 20, 2017

On the furor re UP BOR decision confering PHD in Law to Duterte

Okey, the president has just expressed his decision not to accept the planned conferment of the Law PHD honoris causa by the Board of Regents of U.P. This after the issue became a very hot and contested topic both online and in the UP community.

The main beef that kikos and kikas are publicly saying is this: Duterte is unworthy of getting the conferment because he symbolizes none of the things UP is traditionally known for.

That Duterte is known for not respecting the rule of law and of promoting EJKs, hence, totally weird for UP to even consider him an honorary doctorate for law. I might probably agree that UP confers to Duterte a doctorate honoris causa in population control. :-)

Anyway, my sense is, this issue is simply a non-issue. For one, Duterte is not a UP alumnus so he is not expected to understand this "intellectualism" that UP is proud of. Duterte is cut from a different mold, and though a lawyer himself, sees the world differently because of his experience as a local executive. So, don't expect him to really embody what UP stands for.

Besides, to be frank, what does UP stands for? Some say, it's excellence. Let me ask you---are you saying that this man is not an excellent representative of his species? I mean, he topped the elections. He is now president of the Republic. Is that not excellence?

Before he became president, Duterte is considered by many UP professors similar to how they see former DILG and Naga mayor Robredo. Now that he is president and exhibits some Marcosian tendencies, Duterte is now a pariah in the eyes of the UP community?

Duterte had helped thousands of poor Filipinos. Is that not an example of excellence and I think you would agree with me that Duterte's acts which improved the lives of thousands during his stint as mayor, is proof positive of excellence in the service of the Filipino People. Hindi ba yan ang definition ng excellence sa UP----ang pagsilbihan ng tapat ang bayan?

What does UP stand for? Change, they say. Are you saying that Mr. Duterte is not an excellent model of someone who strove very hard, even sacrificed his own personal convenience, just to change the lot of his fellow Davaoenos? Duterte, to be very factual about it, looked diferent and even got a higher stature in the eyes of the public because he was able to fuse together strong political will with action which led to changes in his environment. Is that not excellence in the change department?

What is excellent in the eyes of many is one should probably write his thoughts down and became an armchair revolutionary like Joma? If we compare Joma with Duterte, are you telling me that Joma is worthier of the conferment than Duterte?

How about former president Marcos and Ramos? Are you telling me that their contributions are better than Duterte's?

Again, what does UP stand for? Respect for the individual. Marcos was confered this award and he massacred thousands during his regime. There is no proof that Duterte had a hand to all these EJKs. Maybe, at the least, Duterte inspired some people to do the despicable. Comparing Duterte with Marcos, are you kidding me by saying that Marcos deserved the conferment more than the feisty former Davao mayor and now President Duterte? Seriously.

Lastly, what does UP stand for? Rule of Law. Let me ask you----how many of the oligarchs right now who dominate the economic and political landscape came from this institution? Are they respecting the rule of law? If they are, then, why the hell are we experiencing such tremendous hardships and there is a wide gap between those who have and those who have not?

Duterte is respectful of the Rule of Law. Why do I say that? Duterte is still very much operating within the parameters of the existing system. I know deep in his heart that he wants to eradicate this system, even make a revolutionary creature out of it, so that the changes he so want right now would not encounter snags and snares put forth by the very same people who graduated from UP. Again, is that not enough proof that Duterte is still respecting the rule of law?

As what Jesus told the Pharisees and the Sadducees in his time---before we cast aspersion against someone, let us get rid of these logs before our very eyes.

Anyway, I think the problem really lies on language. Duterte has a different language game which those from the university do not seem to understand. This observation is a cause of concern. Why? It just prove that UP has completed its cono-tic transformation. Anyway, I am not surprised because UP is really an institution created by the Americans for us to develop our own middle class, our intellectual class. And intellectuals disdain those who do not look and behave exactly like them.

That is the reason why a General Luna got hacked to death and a poet decided to base himself in the Americas because he usually peppers his sentences with curses, even putas. Luna and this poet were'nt conferred by honoris causas----yet, found themselves getting honors from the people anyway--a better one, if you ask me.

So sorry ah, I'm an alumnus of the UP myself. Don't get me wrong.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Duterte should amuse us with a New Story

For some analyst, this administration has reached a dangerous precipice. As reflected in the Pulse Asia survey, President Duterte's satisfaction ratings fell 7-8 points, and worse, the decrease in ratings occurred from the ranks of the "walking class"---those from the CD socio-economic segment of the population.

For a populist leader, this is rather a "wake-up call". First, this is an indication that the President's base of support is starting to crumble. And mind you, even if this is just a slight decrease in ratings, remember that this administration is barely a year old. In previous administrations, the fall on ratings begin slowly way past a year and continues steadily as the year progresses.

Under the Duterte administration, the decrease happened barely a year and this phenomenon is actually a first in the history of the Presidency. The fact is, even under the administration of former president Joseph Estrada, the ratings fall did not happen overnight. It began a year and several months and steadily went South during the last months of the Estrada presidency. Remember also that  Mr. Estrada exited the presidency with a 40-47% approval ratings, still higher than what his successor, former president Gloria Arroyo got during her term.

Honestly, I am quite sad considering that Mr. Duterte began his administration on a high note. His supporters always try to remind us of his 16 million mandate, his heart for the poor, his tough stance against criminality and drugs and his "clean record" as a public official.

When asked what propelled him to the presidency, Mr. Duterte said that he was fortunate to share the right message at the right time and heard by most Filipinos.

Now, as predicted in this space, Mr. Duterte is slowly, slowly being pierced by his own sword. His usual spiel is beginning to tire the ears of his listeners and unfortunately, no new story is coming out from his mouth.

Look--every single time he opens his mouth, Mr. Duterte punctuates it with toxic verbal venom, as if he always want to pick up fights from his perceived enemies. We have now a man occupying the highest seat of the land who is now known as a person capable of spewing unprintable words that inspire lawlessness, crude behavior and disbelief in God.

I agree with Messieurs Trillanes and Gordon and even Senator Ping Lacson that what ails this administration is the propensity of the Leader to get himself in trouble due to his verbal assaults against his perceived political enemies, his crassness and his hard headedness.

I really don't blame Mr. Duterte for acting this way because he really believes in that silly thought that this Republic is just like his beloved city, Davao. Our President should realize that, being a President is different from being a mayor. Mr. Duterte should heed the advice of Senator Lacson--become a statesman. He is not just a president--he is expected to be a beacon of inspiration for our Youth, just like how my generation regard the former president Ferdie Marcos until, of course, we discovered his indiscretions, especially his penchant for using taxpayers money to satiate the thirst of his first lady for expensive shoes.

Deep within me, I want Duterte to succeed. Like my other compatriots in the change business, I want peace. I want things to cool down a little bit so that the economy recovers and more people enjoy the gains of a robust economy.

Mr. Duterte is a man of conviction and is well-meaning.

As things stand right now, the economy is slowly deteriorating. There are news saying that electricity, gas, and water rates are expected to rise. As things stand, prices of commodities are spiralling out of control and people are really hard pressed living every single day.

There is even this silly question of allowing businessmen to dictate the prices of their products and services. What is the DTI for?

There are so many issues, and questions bedevilling our society today.

Instead of using his trolls to neutralize so called "destabilizers" or those well-meaning people who express their disatisfaction of government, why not take these all in as constructive criticisms and from there, consult your Cabinet and get suggestions on how these things would be addressed instead of just going around town, doing propaganda work against perceived enemies of the state.

We are all in for the long haul. We are all in this together. I don't know about Mr. Duterte and his avid fans, but, I believe that our country is just one.

If Mr. Duterte wants a successful term, he must work for the interests of THE PEOPLE instead of only HIS PEOPLE. Selectiveness should be thrown out of the window, right now.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Patricio Mangubat will not be silenced.

To those who hacked this website--think again. You cannot suppress the truth. You can't just stuff my mouth and make me silent. No. This site will be here for as long as the so-called leaders of this country continues to fuck up.

I did it during the time of Arroyo, Aquino and now, with Duterte.

The fact is---compared with his predecessors, my comments against Digong are dime a dozen. This site is fair in its comments. I don't mince my words. I write what I feel, I see and what is appropriate and substantial.

During the time of Arroyo, efforts were at silencing this site, even infecting it with viruses. Efforts failed. This site remains standing and it would continue its advocacy for as long as our society remains moribund.

To those who want to be seen as semi-gods, think again. You are all doomed. Your unrighteousness has doomed you. Your fate has been predestined by God himself.

There is only One God, and those who think themselves as gods, who think that their fellow human beings are like cattle fit for slaughter, who think that their fellow Filipinos are just automatons, willing slaves of this system, reconsider and repent while there is still time.

Your fates have been set to hell the minute you crossed the Dark Side. Light always win.

But to those members of the Liberal who think themselves as bearers of Light but the fact is, they are demons masquerading as angels, think harder. Your punishment is worse than those who only humor themselves with power.

History has shown how pseudo-dictators, real dictators, demi-gods and their ilk suffered at the hands of Fate, just like how Zeus suffered under the harshness of the Fates.

And, Patricio Mangubat will be here, chronicling your fall.

Dadamayan mo ba ang Kadamay?

Ang aksyon ng Kadamay ay pagpapahayag lamang ng kanilang matagal nang karaingan sa pamahalaan na bigyan sila ng sariling bahay. Wala silang bahay. Mahirap sila. Kailangan nila ng bahay.

Okey. Sila'y mga nasa laylayan ng lipunan, kailangang i-beybi?

Para sa mga miyembro ng Kadamay----ilang milyon pong pamilyang Pilipino ang walang sariling bahay at nagtitiyagang magtrabaho at mag renta ng matitirahan nila sa kalunsuran. Ano po ba ang pagkakaiba ninyo sa kanila?

Ako po ay isang ama at naghintay ako ng ilang taon bago ako nagkabahay. Nagsumikap po akong magtrabaho, nagbanat ng buto, bumuhos ng daan-daang oras para makaipon ng kaunti at inilagak ko sa bangko para lamang magkabahay.

Batid ko pong marami o ilan sa inyo ang walang trabaho. Ngunit marami pong pagkakataon ngayon sa pamahalaan para kayo ay makapag negosyo.

Karapatan po ba talaga ng isang Pilipino ang magkaroon ng bahay? Kung tatanungin ninyo ako hingil sa pagkakaroon ng ari-arian, opo. Karapatan po natin ang magkaroon ng pribadong ari-arian.

Kasama po ba dito ang pabahay? Kasama po ngunit sa ilalim ng ating umiiral na sistemang pang ekonomiko, isa na pong pribelehiyo ang magkaroon ng sariling bahay.

Sa kasalukuyang panahon, kailangan mo ng lampas dalawang milyon para magkaroon ka ng disenteng tahanan. Batid nating milyon-milyon sa atin ang walang ganoong halaga at maaari pang hindi talaga mababatid ang ganoong halaga sa tanang buhay nila.

Kung susundin ko ang lohika ng Kadamay, dapat ang mga Pilipinong ito ay sumasama sa kanila upang okupahan ang mga sinasabing bakanteng pabahay ng pamahalaan.

Walang bahay, may nakatiwangwang na pabahay, bakit hindi okupahan?

Ito po ba ay makatarungan? Sa tingin ninyo, mga miyembro ng Kadamay, makatarungan ang ginagawa ninyong inookupahan ninyo ang pagmamay-ari ng pamahalaan.

Excuse me po, pero, pera po naming mga taxpayers ang mga pabahay na iyan. Sa pinagpawisan po namin nanggaling ang pagpapatayo ng mga pabahay na yan.

Kayo po ba ay nagpawis upang makapagpatayo nyan at mailaan sa ating mga bayaning kapulisan at kasundaluhan at ilan pang mga maralitang pamilyang Pinoy na naghintay ng kanilang pagkakataon upang magkabahay?

Hindi po.

Sa totoo lang, kapagka napapanuod po naming mga ordinaryong Pinoy ang mga eksenang nagaganap sa Bulakan, iisa ang nasasabi naming mga taxpayers----kakapal naman ng mga mukha ng mga ito.

Dapat dumaan tayo sa proseso. Hindi po tayo anarkiya.

Sa totoo--ilan sa inyo ang bahagi ng dambuhalang  sindikato sa pabahay? Ilan sa inyo ang napangakuang magkakaroon ng bahay kapalit ng halaga ng salapi?

Ilan sa Kadamay ang papet ng mga dambuhalang sindikato sa pabahay? Pano kaming mga taxpayers makakatiyak na pagkatapos ninyong mabigyan ng sariling bahay, hindi ninyo yan ibebenta sa iba at maghahanap muli ng maiiskwatan at balik pa rin sa dating gawi?

Bistado na mga modus nio.

Magkaroon naman po tayo ng kaunting hiya sa katawan, maski kaunti lang. 

Negosyo daw ang pabahay ng pamahalaan. Bakit daw? Kasi kailangang magbayad ng buwanang amortisasyon bago mapasaiyo ang titulo ng lupa.

Aba, dapat lang. Anong akala ninyo sa bahay, libre?

Eh, kung ganun naman pala, para magkabahay sa Pinas, mag okupa ka ng bakanteng lote, tirahan mo ng iligal. Maglagay ka ng jumper. Kumuha ka ng linya padaluyan ng tubig. Sumungkit ka ng kable ng cable company pati na internet, ayos. Libre ka na ng bahay, libre ka pa sa kuryente, tubig, cable at internet. Aba naman, buhay mayaman ka.

Siguro sa isang sosyalistang lipunan, maaaring libre ang pabahay. Pero sa isang kapitalistang sistema, pagpapaguran mo at pagtitiyagaan ang magkaroon ng sariling bahay.

Nawala na ba ang dangal ng mga maralitang Pinoy sa kanilang mga sarili at magpapadikta sa mga dambuhalang sindikato sa pabahay? 

Meron po akong ilalahad sa inyo----pamilya ko po ay benepisyaryo ng pabahay ng pamahalaan. Mula rin po kami sa angkan ng mga maralita, at hindi ko po ikinahihiya yan.

Nagkabahay po kami sa panahon ng diktadurya. Isa pong prinsipal ang aking tiya. Nagpa raffle po ng pabahay sa mga guro at mga empleyado de gobyerno at sa kabutihang palad, kami po ay nagkaroon ng isang matinong bahay, una sa Santa Ana at ikalawa naman, sa Antipolo.

Hindi po kami nag okupa ng bakanteng pabahay. Hinintay po namin ang proseso ng pamahalaan.

Nang magkabahay po, unti-unti pong bumuti ang lagay ng aming pamilya. Kaya po naiintindihan ko po kayong mga Kadamay, yaong may busilak na hangarin sa kanilang mga pamilya.

Ngunit, huwag naman po nating idaan sa isang hindi rasyunal na proseso ang mga bagay-bagay. Hindi po tayo nasasa anarkiyang sistema.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Circus crew behind Leni Robredo Impeachment: Trixie the so-called "lawyer" and A Lawyer by the Name of Bruce Rivera

I saw two interesting characters during the presscon of those who filed an impeachment against Vice President Leni Robredo. And that's how I realized one thing about Philippine politics---we have reached the height of transactional indecency. Really.

Take a pick of the names behind the Robredo impeachment: Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Atty. Bruce Rivera and an Undersecretary of the local governments. If you're a Congressman, will you now seriously consider supporting this impeachment considering it has been penned by a suspended lawyer and a lawyer serving Napoles, a convicted thief of the people's monies?

News reports describe Angeles as a "lawyer." Is she? The Supreme Court suspended Angeles for three years for swindling her client. The fact is, a lawyer friend even described Angeles' penalty as just a mild slap because, had it been others, that act of Angeles is highly criminal and deserves nothing more than a permanent ban in the practice of law.

That explains why Trixie, the monicker of Atty. "Rose Beatrix" Cruz-Angeles has been doing the rounds, praising Duterte to the highest heavens and coalescing with the DDS gang-syndicate, just to get a sinecure in government. During the Aquino administration, Cruz-Angeles got a comfy seat at the National Commission on the Culture and the Arts or NCCA. This is Trixie's "reward" for defending Pnoy against several brickbats thrown at him during his term.

Now that her principal is no more, Cruz-Angeles is now near prostituting herself before the Mammon, trying to court favors in exchange for another jab at a government post. Since last year, Trixie has been trying very hard to get a job from President Duterte, like how a so-called "political analyst-PR" female personality tries very hard to do. (This personality by the way, once served Vice President Robredo, but when she was exposed as double dealing and even dipped her hands on the PR budget of the VP, she was summarily fired. She has since harbored ill against the VP group.)

A source told me that even her alleged "client" and "boylet", Nicanor Faeldon who happens to head the Bureau of Customs now, did not even consider Trixie for a comfy post at the bureau. The fact is Faeldon wants her several kilometers away from him for her very serious sins against his group. Since I respect her, I will not even write in my blogs the several things Trixie did in the past.

How about Atty. Bruce Rivera? During the May 2016 elections, Atty. Rivera supported Grace Poe's candidacy only to jump ship later to President Duterte's camp. Everyone knows that Atty. Rivera is the counsel of PDAF queen Janet Lim-Napoles. Napoles is still in jail. The Solicitor General of Mr. Duterte, Atty. Jose Calida has just openly announced his plan to question Napoles' case before the courts, and charges of a deal is up in the air.

It really leaves a very bad taste in the mouth knowing that the lawyer of a despised pork barrel scam architect is now actively promoting this team of "lawyers" against a personality who know speaks against Mr. Duterte.

I have nothing against Atty. Bruce Rivera. It is not illegal for him to take part in this kind of political exercise but there is such a thing as decency. Is it decent for Atty. Rivera to take a role in this considering that he is now lawyering for a person who is being suspected now of entering into a deal with this administration in exchange for her freedom? Napoles has just publicly claimed that Duterte's nemesis, Senator Leila de Lima, has once asked her for a "lagay" and everyone knows that it's a lie. Napoles is really desperate to leave jail, and she is ready to indict everyone just to court this government's favor.

Is Atty. Rivera's role in this impeachment the exchange deal which people are fearful about? It must be Yes. Atty. Rivera should have exercised circumspection in the first place. Atty. Rivera is actively doing the rounds, and like Trixie, praising "Tatay Digong" to high heavens, and doing propaganda work in support of his administration when he knows that the people know that he's handling a high profile criminal? Of course, there is nothing in the Code of Professional Responsibility that forbades this, but by God! Wala na bang hiya man lamang na natitira sa ating mga abogadong tulad ni Atty. Bruce Rivera? Masyado siyang desperado para sa kanyang kliyente na handa niyang isangkalan ang matapat na gawa?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Duterte--the master of Laban o Bawi

Several moons ago, Eat Bulaga, the country's most popular noontime show, treated us with a game called "Laban o bawi." This has been incorporated into the urban Pinoy culture, and according to my studies, became the most popular game up to now.

In fact, in our political games, I often describe them as "laban o bawi" types.

Just consider our state policy regarding the death penalty. In our Constitution, it is very clear that "no degrading human punishments" are to be meted against offenders yet we are now trying to re-institute the death penalty, which is the most extreme human punishment ever to be given by the state against its citizens.

Laban o bawi?

The death penalty is just one of many "laban o bawi" policies which our so-called leaders do in their lifetimes, as if we are just being fooled and tricked every single administration.

The worst ever administration whose policies are of the "laban o bawi" types is this administration, the Duterte administration.

Right now, I think National Youth Commissioner Aiza Seguerra and her wife are having a very hard time explaining how, from a "liberal thinker" his president was, to an extremist Duterte on the issue of "same sex" marriage.

Will Aiza stand up and explain this drastic change in Mr. Duterte's mindset?

How about the Scarborough Shoal issue? We gave Mr. Duterte a standing ovation when he announced before millions of wide-eyed Pinoys how he would just ride a jetski and head towards those disputed islands to plant the "Pinoy flag" there. Applause!

Then, all of a sudden, here comes Mr. Duterte, with his tail right between his old legs, telling us, and with his hands raised in submission, that " we can't do anything about China." Mr. Duterte just re-echoed what Mr. Raul Manglapus, our former disgraced Foreign Affairs secretary once told an OFW rape victim, that, in the event of a rape, instead of fighting one's attacker, a woman is advised to just " lie and enjoy."

Mr. Duterte wants us to just enjoy being raped by Chinks while he forbids Pinoy miners to get our resources for the benefit of millions of poor Pinoy families, neglected by years by government. You know why he does that? Because he wants his fellow Chinks to get it for themselves.

Well, no president ever said that even with the Japs right near our doorsteps in World War two. Not even Andres Bonifacio faced with enormous force from Spanish Colonizers ever retreated inspite of just having some rifles and bolos at hand?

Laban o bawi?

The most unfortunate thing is----Duterte's administration is just nine months old. How many more positions and pronouncements will we see changed in the coming weeks?

I bet ya, even his stand against mining, Mr. Duterte will surely change this and even his support to his "Leftist" and "Socialist" brothers and sisters with him in the Cabinet, this will surely change in the coming weeks or even days.

Mr. Duterte is slowly revealing himself before us, just like that demon who masqueraded as an "angel of light", yes, that one written in the New Testament.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Unmasking an old tard

It's really more fun to live in the Philippines. Really.

Every single day, we are treated with very interesting exchanges between and among so-called "popular personalities" who consider themselves "leaders of this country." And amazingly, we are always, always having some fun even though we are being mocked personally by these Leaders.

Take in the case of this seventy plus year old leader. Every day, we are hearing a lot of nasty things from him. He takes potshots at his political enemies, describing them as power-hungry, while he, well, he reportedly does not care if he loses his position. Really now? Then, why these animated outbursts?

During the May 2016 elections, we have been treated by a lot of good-to-hear stuff from this old tard. And we were ecstatic, every single one of us. At last, there is this seventy plus year old grandpa who understands what we have been going thru. Our daily struggles on our jobs, the uncertainties of work. Of how we are being unfairly treated by Big Business, particularly these Oligarchs who control most of utility firms, and those who supply our daily needs. How angry we are about graft and corruption and how the previous administration promised real change when all they did was large-scale robbery.

He told us what we want to hear while we forgot the realities of where he came from. He came from a city whose citizens approve of his draconian measures out of fear of being killed. He chastises dynasties and looks favorably only of his own. Many says he's your typical megalomaniac, the kind that looks proudly upon himself without regard of others.

He promised to end contractualisation, the scourge that afflicts the lives of many and the very reason why many of us remain poor. He promised to end corruption but all we now hear are his men helping themselves from kickbats and commissions from big and small companies.

He vowed to allow every single one of us to know what's happening inside government, only to be frustrated when he himself said he allowed China's ships to conduct a three-month "marine research" in the very territory which the world says is ours, without telling his trusted defense and foreign secretaries. He left them sulking in the dark, blind as mice. Had these gentlemen been Japs, we would definitely not hear anything anymore from them, what with them striking their bellies open with their samurais.

He even promised to ride a jetski towards those islands which we claim as ours, until we now hear him backtracking, even raising his hands in surrender just for US$16 billion worth of reported LOANS, not investments.

He even says he favors same-sex marriage only to, once more, backtrack, and tell everybody that it's against the very laws which he studied when he was young and what he uses to justify his killing of innocents and guilty alike.

He's not full of contradictions, just like how the Inquirer describes him and his Cabinet.

He's just full of shit.

Everyday that I hear him and listen carefully to his words, I am reminded of the passages I often read in the Bible, of how, nearing the End of Days, we will be treated by the antics of anti-Christs, people who are deceiving many by the silkiness of their words and the honey-coated promises that go out of their mouths.

God reveals these people before our very eyes, like how God told Adam of his sin, when he ate that apple.

It is now up to us how do we deal with it.

Would we continue living under a Deceiver's reign? Or we seek the Light.

There is always time for us to rectify our errors. God always forgive those who are led by Deceivers.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Killing a troll--figuratively, that is

I just killed a troll last night, and boy, am I happy. I am very happy that I even treated myself a turon for a job well done.

Why am I glad? For one, I've tested my theory which I incorporated in my book, " The Art of the PR War" ( on how to handle pesky trolls. It really works. (For want of space, I will not divulge here the strategy I used. Just read it in my book).

Second, my measure of success is when the troll just stopped conversing with you and even befriended you. That's one troll down.

The secret really is PATIENCE. You have to be patient. Fighting a troll is like engaging a person in a debate. I'm not the best debater at the Ateneo de Manila School of Law debates (1998) for nothing. The best tactic is ABSORB and HIT. Try to understand where the troll is coming from, and then, hit him with your best alternative position. Use his own language in your responses.

When he goes ad hominem, absorb then hit him with an ad hominem attack as well. Treat every troll attack as a game. Don't lose your bearings.

In exorcising a troll, you better have lots of patience otherwise, you'll lose the game.

Online trolls are malevolent spirits. You have to conquer them, defeat them and use reason as your best weapon. These trolls propagate bad views. Offer them good views.

Expose how stupid they are. They may threaten you with harm, but don't be afraid. Fight back.

This is not the time for chivalry. Mess up with me and you're going to get it big-time too.

Time to hunt more trolls.

Hey, Maliwat, Maliwat....any more Maliwats out there??

Bakit natin sisisihin si Drilon sa kapalpakan ni Pacquiao?

Noong mga dekada 50s hanggang sa 70's, naghahalal tayo ng mga tao sa Senado base sa kanilang angking talino, mga nagawang mabuti sa kani-kanilang mga propesyon at sa kanilang marubdob na pagmamahal sa bayan at mataas na integridad.

Ang Senado noon ay hindi lamang tanghalan ng mga abogado kundi maging mga taga-Showbiz na hindi rin nagpahuli sa pagtatagisan at espadahan ng talino sa kapwa nila senador. Nariyan ang yumaong Rogelio dela Rosa na katangi-tangi sa kanyang panahon. Hindi lamang isang makisig na lalaki kundi kinakitaan siya ng galing, talino at malinis na pagtatangi sa kapwa tao.

Pagkatapos ng diktadurya, naghalal tayo ng mga tulad nina Noli de Castro, Tito Sotto, Nikki Coseteng, Joseph Estrada na bagamat nagsimula bilang mga miyembro ng sining, ay lubos tayong inaliw bunga ng kanilang mga talino at dangal. Oo sa ilang panahon kinakitaan ng hindi kagandahan sina Sotto (plagiarism issue), Revilla (pagkasangkot sa DPWH projects) at Lito Lapid (tardiness at pagiging senador na mabilang mo sa daliri mo kung ilang batas lamang ang naipapasa) ngunit hindi naman ganoon kalala ang kanilang mga asal na talagang mapapa mura ka na lamang sa inis, yamot at masasabi mo sa sarili mong sana ipinanganak ka na lamang sa ibang bansa.

Malaki na ang ipinagbago ng ating lipunan, lalo na sa teknolohiya, ngunit hungkag pa rin ang ating pulitika. Isipin ninyo na lamang na sa kabaluktutan ng ating sistemang pang demokratiko, mayroon ngayon tayong mga halal sa senado na ginamit ang kanilang popularidad at kayamanan para maging senador ng bayan.

Noong 2016, mapalad na lumabas sa hanay ng mga nanalong senador si Senator Manny Pacquiao. Gamit ang kanyang bilyon at popularidad, naitulak palabas ng senado ang mga natatanging indibidwal tulad ni Serge Osmena at iba pa.

Dahilan dyan, pinagbabayaran ngayon ng taumbayan ang kamaliang ito.

Panoorin na lamang ninyo kung papapaano unti-unting tinapyas ni Drilon sa plenaryo si Pacquiao nang ang Pambansang Kamao ay tumayo upang depensahan ang kanyang panukalang magtayo ng isang Philippine Boxing Commission.

Hindi ko na iisa-isahin dito ang nangyari. Sad to say, pero, parang maka ilang beses na knockdown si Pacman.

Sisihin ba si Drilon? Ganoon na ba kababa ang pagtingin natin sa paglikha ng batas na ating sasabihing ang yabang naman ni Drilon noong tanungin niya si Pacman tungkol sa batas na kanyang isinusulong?

Nakita ko ang palitan ng kuro-kuro ng dalawa at sa totoo lang, ordinaryong mga katanungan lamang ang ibinato ni Drilon kay Pacman. Ika nga, soft jabs lang. Pero na ebs na agad si Pacman. Nagmukha siyang kuting sa harap ng leon, o to put it mildly, nagmukha siyang Kinder sa harap ng isang college student.

Maraming nagsabing sobrang yabang ni Drilon, bakit niya ginawa yun ke Pacquiao. Huh? Ganun na ba tayo katarantado?

Galangin naman natin ang Senado. Hindi ito isang plenaryo para sa batang musmos o mga bilyonaryong mayabang.

Alangan naman gumawa tayo ng mga batas na palyado? Dahil lang ba idol natin sa ring si Pacquiao, palalampasin na natin ang mga katarantaduhan at kawalang saysay niya sa Senado?

Hindi rin charm school ang senado. Dito nakasalalay ang kinabukasan at kapakanan ng lahat ng Pinoy. Hindi larong biro ang gawain sa Senado.

Halatadong hindi handa itong si Pacquiao at sa totoo lang, we are being mocked by this man who used his billions just to probably prove to other Filipinos, especially those who live at Forbes, that he is one of them or even bested them.

Hindi pupuwede dito ang pabuhat-buhat lang ng dumb bells o patakbo-takbo lang. Senate work is mental kalesthenics.

Huwag daw maliitin si Pacman? Sino ba ang nagmamaliit sa kanya at bakit ba nagiging maliit siya sa tingin ng mga tao? Siya ang may kasalanan nyan dahil may hiya siyang humarap sa mga kapwa niya Senador nang hindi handa? Anong akala niya he can barrel his way there using only his fists and his speed? No.

Pansinin na habang nagsasalita sa plenaryo si Pacman, hayun at halos katabi niya ang kanyang mga advisers na halos isigaw na sa kanya ang mga sasabihin niya sa harap ni Drilon.

Nakakahiya. Mayroon tayong maskuladong pupet ng iilang interes sa Senado. Joke nga ng iba, nung nanalo daw si Pacman, para na ring naka jackpot si Governor Chavit Singson. Ganun ba??

Leni Robredo should fire her strategists: Palit-ulo a non-issue

Vice president Leni Robredo is really a good person. She is a public interest lawyer, and unassuming like her deceased husband, former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo.

However, Leni is really ill-advised. Why fault the PNP for this "palit-ulo" issue, when, in truth and in fact, this is one of the un-written tactics used by cops to net big-time drug personalities. Of course, silly, the PNP would never put that in their list of operational protocols, no.

What is so appalling however, in this palit-ulo thing is when cops extort monies from families of arrested drug personalities. This happens quite often and this is nothing new. This has been a modus operandi of corrupt cops since the sixties.

For all its worth, I thank the vice president for revealing this in the open, but to accuse cops of misdemeanors and letting the entire world know about this is simply overstretching it.

Miss Vice President, I am very sad that you dipped your lovely fingers unto this issue which is, sincerely, not a big one as you and your handlers previously thought.

There is simply nothing wrong for the police to ask arrested drug personalities of other people whom they dealt with or are dealing with and eventually arresting both those they got information from and those whom these drug personalities finger pointed. Are you not happy that cops are arresting more drug pushers thanks to this invention called "palit ulo"? Of course, most of the times this practice leads to corruption, and for that, there is a provision in our Penal code that punishes that.

What is truly very sad is the fact that you, Miss Vice President, exposed yourself as someone who is soooo detached with reality on the ground and that worries many people. Out of hundreds of complaints and misdemeanors of these cops, you chose a thing which is simply part of the tactics employed in successfully netting serious and bigger drug offenders.

Time to change those heads who think for you. Time to hire those who know what's happening even at ground level and from there, create more interesting things for us, ordinary people to enjoy reading.

Duterte's 1st Impeachment: Allowing China to conduct research at Benham Rise a flagrant violation of Charter

Just what I feared---an impeachment complaint filed against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. This will kickstart a campaign against the first trash-talking yet well-meaning Chief Executive this country had the privilege of electing into office.

Many people are just brushing this off as a propaganda stunt (Presidential Legal counsel Sal Panelo), an idiotic move (Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez) and a plane being piloted by "witless pilots" (Solicitor General Calida). Unlike Presidential spokesperson Abella who seemed worried yesterday that he literally found it quite difficult to describe what's happening, most of Duterte's men spewed a ton full of toxic descriptions of what Magdalo partylist representative Gary Alejano did when he publicly presented the first impeachment complaint against their 72-year old idol, who they often worship like a demi-god.

Several media observers including my friend Dax Lucas, found the timing rather "premature." Duterte has'nt warmed his seat for a year and those who blame him for the 8,000 deaths and counting already found him at fault, and in violation of the Constitution and even, describing the former Davao mayor, as a ruthless serial killer. Alejano found Duterte committing flagrant violations of his oath as Chief Executive for "inspiring" cops to kill innocent civilians, committing serious graft when he reportedly amassed billions deposited in several banks and allowing Chinese ships to conduct "marine research" at Benham rise.

Among the litany of accusations against Duterte, I think the most that stuck and really affected most Filipinos is that of the Benham rise issue. Duterte admitted that he knew the incursions and allowed it, without even consulting his "trusted" Defense secretary and his Foreign Affairs secretary, who both publicly admitted innocence on this. I pity veteran diplomat OIC DFA secretary Manalo who was thrust in this early on and the same feeling I felt when I listened to the voice of the SND. You can sense the pain Lorenzana, a former general felt when his Commander in Chief admitted before the public that he was not consulted and for what reason, he simply does not know even up to now.

This is dangerous because we, the Public and even I think several members of the Cabinet do not know how many more "secret dealings" this President entered into with his Chinese and Russian counterparts. If these dealings are of security matters, this is really serious because it places the entire Republic into a very dangerous and precarious situation.

How many of these dealings are "state secrets"? Duterte during his presidential campaign vowed transparency and even reportedly signed an Executive Order about the Freedom on Information. Yet, we now know that this vow of transparency has now shifted to a vow of secrecy, which is a serious threat to our democracy.

Everyone knows that even before another country's ships can enter our territory and conduct "research", it must first undergo a series of consultations and processes and eventually, be covered by an Executive Order. Let's ask our Executive secretary Medialdea if he knows this intrusion into our territory? Where is the Executive Order? And why is it that no Philippine agency was with the Chinese when they conducted "marine research."?

Clearly, our President broke the law when he allowed these Chinese ships to enter Philippine territory. Yet, seriously, I understand where Mr. Duterte is coming from.

Mr. Duterte still thinks that he can conduct state affairs like how he did with Davao for the past 22 years. Duterte admitted that much in his last speech, when he revealed that his role is just a braggart (payabang) and a local town executive. There is a reason why Mr. Duterte refuses to be called "President", even urging people to just refer to him as "mayor." Do you want to know why? Probably, Mr. Duterte sees himself only as mayor of a Chinese province. Inspite of all his pseudo-patriotic bravura, Mr. Duterte is simply, a Chinese by heart.

That explains why Mr. Duterte even allowed that photo showing him having supper with 15 other senators, as if the Republic of the Philippines is just a Republic of Davao, with its mayor spending time with the city's councilmen.

That photo means a great deal. It shows how our president really sees his role---that of a small town mayor handling serious state affairs. Worse, those senators whom Mr. Duterte invited compromised themselves and their integrity when they allowed themselves to have a photo with the President.

Why? Because if this impeachment complaint progresses, and unfortunately, goes to the Senate,  Mr. Duterte and his political allies will just use this photo showing 15 senator lackeys and declaring them all unfit to vote for Mr. Duterte's ouster as President. A simple photo with very serious state implications. And our dear beloved senators simply failed to grasp the dangerous implications of that dinner to our fate as a Nation.

Nevermind. As they say, impeachment is a numbers' game. It is likewise political, not a court proceeding. Mr. Duterte's allies are very confident that Congress will side with the 72 year old Chief Executive.

Sixteen years ago, I remember this very same scenario. Flashback, and we see President Joseph Estrada enjoying 44 % approval ratings and Congress firmly whipped under his party. Estrada was extremely confident, what with his buddy, Manny Villar at the helm as Speaker and at the Senate, an ally by the name of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel Jr.

Leftist groups were with Estrada, convinced by a charismatic tactician and former Marxist Horacio Morales. What Estrada does not have in his side was former president Fidel V. Ramos and most of the so-called "Yellowtards" or the Liberals, who was also mocked back then as a discredited and moribund political party.

In just two years, anti-Estrada rhetoric snowballed and thousands of people jampacked a portion of EDSA calling for the president's ouster. It was surgical. It was shift. Estrada left the palace and made San Juan his stronghold. However, weeks later, we saw Estrada being escorted out of his house and unto the CIDG where cops took his photo along with his son, Jinggoy. Eventually, the courts found him guilty and sentenced him to a prison term and the once tough talking Chief Executive spent his days inside a heavily guarded military camp, silenced, and his political stock dwindled to a minimum. 

His allies once bragged that it was next to impossible to oust Estrada, what with his 19 million voter base. When EDSA dos broke out, not one soul of those 19 million was ever seen.

Now, it's 2017, and we see the son of Aquilino as Senate president and a former DOTC executive who was previously linked with a scandalous airport deal is Speaker of the House. Like the Estrada administration, this very same administration is filled with sycophants and arse-lickers the likes of Sandra Cam and those Immigration Officers who act like they are demi-gods themselves and above everyone else. 

I really am very sad for Mr. Duterte. The guy is honest. His problem really is his ego. He does not listen. He thinks he knows everything and he can do the mighty work of nation-building on his own. 

He alienates rather than act as a unifier. He lies (Duterte was the one who said that only 2 out of 5 things he publicly says are true). 

Compared with Estrada, there is still some time for Mr. Duterte to redeem himself.  He can probably do that after his arrest by the INTERPOL. 

Those who bragged and those who thought that they own this country and its people, there is a time for reckoning, a season for everything.

Humble yourselves and maybe, just maybe, God will find a sufficient reason to keep all of you in your sinecures. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Duterte walang taping laban sa mga Tsinong nagsasagawa na ng pag-aaral sa Benham Rise

Laging sinasabi ni Pangulong Digong na mahal niya ang kanyang bansa. Totoo ba ito?

Kung mahal niya ang ating bansa, hindi niya pahihintulutang maging dahilan siya ng pagkakawatak-watak. Nagbigay na ng alarma ang kanyang Defense secretary na mayroong mga barkong Tsino na nagsasagawa ng mga pag-aaral sa Benham Rise pero, ni hindi man lamang tayo nakarinig ng protesta mula sa pangulong aminadong may dugong Tsino.

Ano ang ginagawa ng Department of Foreign Affairs? Bakit hindi man lamang tayo nagproprotesta sa embahador ng Tsino? Pahihintulutan ba nating maging ang mga islang atin na at iginagalang ng buong mundo, ay mapunta muli sa pakikialam ng ibang bansa?

Wala na ba tayong paggalang sa ating mga sarili?

Habang may ganitong seryosong problema, heto naman at fixated ang ating Pangulo sa kanyang anti-drug campaign, na sa totoo lang, isang sistematikong terrorismong pinapahintulutan ng estado.

Kala ko ba matapang itong si Ginoong Duterte? Bakit hindi niya itayo ang dangal ng bansang Pilipinas at magsagawa siya ng protesta sa ginagawa ng mga Tsino sa Benham rise?

Hoy, Digong! Mukhang maniniwala na akong matapang ka lang sa mga maliliit na tao. Talagang small time bully ka lang. Kaya mo lang mga walang kalaban labang mga istambay sa kanto, mga tricycle driver, mga kabataang imbes na tuluyang makawala sa sakal ng droga ay papatayin ninyo na lamang na parang mga kuting?

Sinungaling ka talagang matanda ka. Noong eleksyon, sinabi mo pang sasakay ka ng jetski at pupunta sa Scarborough shoal tangan mo ang bandila ng Pilipinas, yun pala, nang Presidente ka na, bandilang Tsino pala ang dala dala mo.

Baka naman, Tsino ka talaga tulad ng pagiging Amerikano ng kaklase mong si Perfecto Yasay. Perfecto talaga itong si Yasay--perfectong magsinungaling, pero, sorry, hindi lang nakalusot sa mga senador at congressman.

Ilan pa kaya sa mga kabinete ni Digong ang mga sinungaling tulad ng pangulo nila?

Ngayon, shortcut na naman ang iniisip nitong si Digong, para diverted nga naman ang atensyon ng taumbayan mula sa unti-unting pakikialam at pananakop ng mga tsino sa ating mga isla.

Tinatakot tayo nitong pipitsuging dating mayor ng Davao para nga naman walang manlaban sa atin sa sandaling ipa-iral niya ang diktadurya.

Sige lang. Magdeklara ka Digong. Magdeklara ka ng batas militar, at huwag mong pagsisihan. Walang takot naming ipapakita sa yo ang tunay na mga Pilipinong magtatanggol, kahit na kami ay mga amahin ng aming mga tahanan.