Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cojuangco is True Philippine Shaker

San Miguel Corporation, led by former Marcos crony Eduardo Danding Cojuangco just entrenched themselves deeper into Lopez territory. Cojuangco is poised to take over Meralco, the Lopezes' crown jewel. Analysts say Cojuangco may do this anytime he wants to. Cojuangco's trusted lieutenant Mon Ang just assured the Lopez family that they will not be left holding an empty bag since they could still nominate a member of their family to the board of Directors of Meralco.

Aside from the Lopezes, the Ayalas are now being threatened by the rising influence and presence of San Miguel in other industries. San Miguel just joined the telecommunications industry with the acquisition of Liberty Telecommunications and a joint beneficial partnership with Qatar Telecomms. That move made San Miguel easily the second biggest telecommunications firm, eclipsing even Globe Telecommunications. The move was so good and so swift, it left Gerard Ablaza clueless for months.

San Miguel also entered the energy sector industry, with the majority takeover of Petron. San Miguel also brought a majority interest in the power generation sector.

So, you see, my friends, San Miguel is the biggest business conglomerate in this country, controlling almost all levers of economic life and enjoying the biggest and the widest economic influence not seen since the 19th century.

Now, Cojuangco knows that one wrong move could dissipate all of these things. His rivals will never equal his business acumen.

The only way left for Cojuangco's jealous rivals to dislodge him as the Country's Shaker Giant is simple---launch a coup. Only a coup can change the present political and business configurations. Elections are so unwieldy, so costly and so unpredictable that some businessmen rivals of Cojuangco are thinking of another alternative.

Being a pragmatist though, Cojuangco knows that all of these things are temporary since his bosom protectors, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her very accommodating businessman husband, Mike Arroyo are leaving in a few months time.

An unfriendly government post-2010 is a very serious security threat to him and his San Miguel. That's why he'll make the heavens quake and the earth shake with a candidate that could preserve the gains of San Miguel.

Enter Cheez Escudero and Loren Legarda, two of Cojuangco's bets for the top executive posts. Now, what would frustrate Cojuangco's plans?

A coup. A true revolution.

This explains why those " RAM boys" were seen with Gloria at the EDSA Uno celebrations. They'll now poised as a "counter-revolutionary" force against the True Patriots of the New Generation.

Let me re-phrase what I wrote some entries ago--they are not there as Gloria's praetorian guards. No.

They were there to ensure that Gloria finishes her term. If a coup happens and ousts Gloria from power, Cojuangco is sure to follow. Ika nga, naging magkapusod na ang dalawa--isa taga Tarlac, isa naman Pampanga.

Maybe, a coup will be used here in the Philippines as a business tool rather than a political tool. Will we see this in our lifetime? Maybe. Maybe not. Let's see in the coming weeks.