Monday, June 15, 2009

Transition government, GMA-style with Teodoro as New Prexy

National security adviser Norberto Gonzales is at it again. He just gave a piece of his deranged mind when he again advocated for a transitional government that has the support of the military. He says that it's not good to proceed with the 2010 elections without first correcting the flaws of the system.

He may be right and I share his beliefs but I don't know if he realizes how stupid that proposition is if he says that Mrs. Arroyo heads this transition government. It's like saying that, yeah, we create a transition government to rectify the errors we made during the past nine years with the same people who created those errors as head of this government. Bull.

A transition government can only be good provided that everyone in the GMA administration, leaves their offices and go on an exile. And that includes BertGon.

Some quarters believe that the GMA administration will push the envelope by convening the Lower House into a Constituent Assembly by August. By that time, they will be well prepared.

The most effective strategy for oppositors to do is just let it be and ignore it. That'll be the strongest expression of disgust against con-ass---ignoring these scumbags and let them commit a patently illegal and immoral act. That is not to say that we will totally be complacent and just sit idly by while the winds of authoritarism blow us to the dark ages. No.

What we are saying is---let's prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario and be on guard against these illegal moves meant to justify a regime extension. Fr. Joaquin Bernas likened our situation with that of 1973 when former strongman Ferdinand Marcos rammed us with a fully infirm 1973 Constitution. Should Mrs. Arroyo and her henchmen do something similar to us, we should approach it differently.

Some sectors believe that Mrs. Arroyo's allies just want to change the provisions to spark a constitutional anomaly. That will only be a constitutional anomaly if someone from the opposition questions it before the Supreme Court.

I say, do not even try to file a case before the Highest Tribunal. The strongest opposition to this is just ignore it. Let them push this issue to its brink while we prepare our strongest countermeasure which is People's Power.

By the way....

There are talks that the Arroyo regime right now is split along ideological lines. One group pushes for a Teodoro-led government while the other one tinkers with term extension. Last night's birthday party of Teodoro saw several Cabinet members toasting their wine glasses together with the birthday boy. Signs that should the worst comes, they'll be a Teodoro-led transition government? Possible? Yes, it is.

Some are talking that, if the forces of change went pass the critical mass and closes its doors behind Mrs. Arroyo, the most logical alternative is a coup within the Arroyo regime.

Remember Mrs. Arroyo's speech last week urging for unity of forces? That speech is reportedly directed to some members of the Cabinet who are thinking of isolating and abandoning Mrs. Arroyo and replacing her with Teodoro.

A Teodoro-led transition government would solve a problem like Mrs. Arroyo and would allow her to go scot-free along with her relatives. It's verified that Mrs. Arroyo and her husband, the First Gentleman and big-time operator Mike Arroyo are scared shitless on the possibility of spending their retirement years in jail. That's why they're willing to spend millions just to assure themselves of a quiet time post-2010. However, most, if not all, are reluctant to strike a deal with her. Only Teodoro wants her to leave the palace unharmed.

So a transition government with Teodoro's generals initiating it, is sure to provide an alternative for Mrs. Arroyo and her enemies. And they are poised to do just that come August of this year should protests against charter change reach critical mass.