Monday, July 6, 2009

Mrs. Arroyo's Boob Job and National Security

Deputy palace spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo castigated the Philippine media for writing about Mrs. Arroyo's alleged boob job. Fajardo said that those articles regarding Mrs. Arroyo's breast reduction surgery at the Asian Hospital were "below the belt" and "personal attacks".

Question--what's so wrong with publishing the true reason why Mrs. Arroyo checked herself in the first place? What's so wrong with mammoplasty? What's so wrong with Mrs. Arroyo undergoing such an operation? None.

Fajardo said that if people, especially journalists do not like the president as a person, then, at least, people should respect the office she holds. Why, Mrs. Fajardo, who are the people who actually do not respect the Office of the President?

Who issued that patent lie that Mrs. Arroyo underwent quarantine procedures instead of a biopsy? Was it not the palace? How then will people respect the very Office that Mrs. Arroyo holds when they're peddling lies?

Is a boob job a matter of national security? Is the operation on Mrs. Arroyo's groin to detect the cause of the lump a matter of extreme national security?

In fact, this morning, Press secretary Cerge Remonde admitted yet again that Mrs. Arroyo underwent a "biopsy" to replace a "leaking silicone breast implant." and another biopsy in her groin. So, there, Mrs. Fajardo. So what if Mrs. Arroyo got those operations?

Respect is earned. How can people respect the president if people like you Mrs. Fajardo are peddling lies and hiding the truth?

Transparency is the real issue here. Ano ba naman? Ilang buwan na lang kayo dyan sa palasyo, nagsisinungaling pa rin kayo.