Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why Chiz has not announced his candidacy: another "teka-teka" presidentiable in the making?

How true are reports indicating that the reason why Chiz Escudero suspended his announcement last October 12 was that Danding Cojuangco, his main political financier, was still adamant in funding his entire campaign? And that some of his Chinese supporters are reported to have backed out?

Reports are circulating that Danding just had a meeting with Peping Cojuangco for the possibility of supporting Liberal Party candidate Noynoy Aquino. This came days before the very public pronouncement of Danding, saying that he supports no one but the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC), whom he founded.

Rep Mark Cojuangco, son of Danding, in an interview tried to squelch all these reports saying that their party is preparing for a Chiz-Loren tandem and to prove that, Danding is even attending Loren Legarda's public pronouncement in Luneta. Danding did not go. Mark, of course, attended the event, with some NPC officials.

Even Rex Gatchalian, the NPC spokesperson, denies such reports and described them as "rumours". The NPC will be fielding a complete slate in 2010. You can't avoid some people tittle tattling and speculating why is it taking Chiz Escudero so long to declare that he's running. What's taking them so long to formally announce their respective bids? Are they waiting for something?

There is also serious troubles in ChizNation. Senator Serge Osmena just bolted out of Chiz's camp and joined the Liberal Party. Lito Banayo, formerly of the camp of Senator Ping Lacson, is now Chiz's campaign manager.

In an earlier post, Loren Legarda, presumably Chiz's running mate, has just announced her desire to campaign for the vice presidential post. She did so without naming her presidential contender, dampening some of the expectations from the Chiz camp that she'll do so when she announce.

Curiously though, Loren Legarda did her announcement much earlier than Chiz, fuelling speculations that, indeed, there are some "logistical" problems on the part of the ChizNation. And some sources even say that Chiz is really not quite sure of running for the top post because he's afraid of losing it all to Noynoy Aquino.

It seems that we have another "teka-teka" candidate in the persona of Mr. Escudero. Bad form Chiz.