Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kris, Willie and Manny Pacquiao endorsement will not affect candidate's chance of winning, according to Pulse Asia

According to the October survey of Pulse Asia, endorsements made by third parties will not affect the chances of an electoral bet. Endorsements will just, at most, affect the choice of just 11 percent of the electorate.

In fact, third party endorsement may even affect the political chances of the candidate.

Based on the survey by Pulse Asia, Kris Aquino attracts 45% of voters, higher than what Willie Revillame can do at 37%. Yet, this high rating as far as endorsements are concerned is not translate-able to votes. If Kris Aquino endorses someone, 49% of voters will not follow her lead, while 58% of voters will not be swayed by a Revillame endorsement.

Now, some say that if you're endorsed by Manny Pacquiao, you'll surely win? That's not the case. In fact, a Pacquiao endorsement would even harm your chances of winning.

Pulse Asia learned that 71% of the electorate will not follow Pacquiao's endorsement--only 21% will.

What if Mrs. Arroyo endorses you? Is it true that Arroyo's endorsement is a "kiss of death"?

Yes. If you're endorsed by Mrs. Arroyo, you'll surely earn the ire of 79% of the electorate and ONLY 15% will follow your lead.

What about the so-called "Erap Magic"? Is it still there?

Based on the survey, Erap's magic is now a myth.

If Erap endorses you, you'll alienate 59% of the electorate.

* the survey was made last October 22-30, 2009, with around 1,800 respondents.