Thursday, December 3, 2009

Manny Villar personifies Gloria Arroyo

For the nth time, Senator Manny Villar failed to again honor his previous commitment to the people--that after filing his Certificate of Candidacy, he will start joining presidential debates. Last night, ANC held a presidentiable forum and Villar, not even his shadow, was there.

For somebody whom reports say is very serious in his campaign for the presidency, Villar's action is not just condemnable---it shows Villar's lack of responsibility. Binabastos ni Villar ang taumbayan. Villar is mocking us. Villar just disrespected the Filipino People.

Villar's actions also reinforce the belief that he will just be using his billions just to get elected.

We cannot elect someone who does not respect us. Villar just showed that he is no different from Arroyo.

And it's days after he filed his CoC, yet, we don't even know what Villar is fighting for. We don't know his platform. Aside from motherhood statements that he is for the People and he wants to fight the scourge of poverty, what else Mr. Villar?

We don't know where Villar positions himself when it comes to the RH bill.

We don't know what Villar would do with the secessionist and insurgency problems.

We simply are in the dark as to what Villar will do with private armies.

And we simply don't know how Villar will actually help the poor, whom he claims to belong to.

Is Villar afraid to cross swords with the witty Noynoy Aquino? Is he afraid that he will lose his "mystique" when other contenders expose his lack of an indepth knowledge about the ills of this Nation?

It is very dangerous to elect such a man into office, who thinks that everything is for sale, and who thinks that he is not accountable to explain himself before the very people he wants to serve.