Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What now, Manny Villar and Prof. Prospero De Vera?

Professor Prospero De Vera of the University of the Philippines, a self-proclaimed "political analyst" and issues adviser of Nacionalista standard bearer Manny Villar has just shot himself in the mouth. Now I know why Villar stands to lose this elections--he has in his campaign team someone who claims to know the dynamics of Philippine politics yet debased himself by claiming that the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) is slated to support the candidacy of his boss.

De Vera even lied before Ted Failon and Tina Monsod-Palma that he knows something these distinguished journalists do not know. Speaking before the Filipino public, De Vera claims to know the "inner workings" of the INC leadership, even stating that he reportedly saw three surveys conducted by the INC which puts his boss on top of the heap. The professor was extremely confident that his boss has the INC endorsement  "in the bag" already.Pooh.

What De Vera does not know, and being an issues adviser and a "political analyst" HE SHOULD KNOW---the INC leadership hates premature announcements. If De Vera is really worth his salt, he should not have lied and claimed that he knows who the INC will endorse. Obviously, De Vera does not know what he was talking about and was even clueless on INC decision-making. When De Vera agreed to those interviews, he did not know that he was being trapped. :-)

Today, the INC finished De Vera off--they publicly announced support to the rival of his boss, Liberal party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino and his tandem, Mar Roxas. If I'm De Vera, I'll do an Ostrich and bury my head under the sand.

Villar just wasted thousands of pesos paying a supposed "issues adviser" who simply does not know anything about Philippine politics and its dynamics.

(To those who trust De Vera's advices--be forewarned. You could be next to lose your shirt and this election. :0)

Villar should fire both his issues adviser and his media handlers simply for ineffectiveness and utter stupidity.

Now, De Vera and Villar's publicists have all put their boss in a very tight situation. Villar is now in the quandary. He is now on the verge of losing his businesses, what with this impending poll defeat.

Look at Villar's bleak future...

Risa Hontiveros has just filed a graft case against Manny Villar before the Ombusman. This case will definitely be pursued by the new Aquino administration for sure. Villar faces a very bleak and black future once the Liberals win. Maybe, Villar will even be the first one prosecuted for plunder and graft and corruption.

The only thing that will save Villar is simply accept defeat and support Aquino. Maybe he can hammer out a deal. Yet, knowing Aquino and the Liberals, they will surely and simply reject any overtures from the Villar camp.

Because of this elections, Villar earned the ire of big-time enemies and that includes not just the Aquinos but the Estradas and several others.

Villar should now implement his exit strategy, but one advice--don't ask De Vera what to do next. He might simply ask you to release fraudulent and fake documents to save face.

Villar should simply do what the former Thai Prime Minister did--go on exile. Or, maybe accompany Arroyo in her and her husband's cozy chalet in Portugal.