Monday, February 25, 2013

Destabilization looms

This mid-term elections could spark or precipitate a serious political challenge for the Aquino administration. This early, there are three (3) factors that, if not addressed and managed properly, could turn the elections into a spark that will eventually affect the political stability of this government.

One, early accusations about the PCOS machines. Groups are demanding the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to show transparency by allowing third parties to inspect the integrity of these machines. Two things sparked the "curiosity" of people---early announcement of Senator Frank Drilon of a 12 clean sweep of the Senatorial elections by the administration, and the ongoing legal dispute between Smartmatic and its previous software provider.

Comelec also bungled its early test of the machines. Obviously, this bungling was handled before the media. However, if these happens during the elections, and massive disfranchisement and other under handed tactics deprive candidates of their legitimate votes, this will turn into a nasty and unmanageable situation.

UNA and the camp of Vice President Binay consider this election as crucial for 2016. If Binay loses his grassroots network, he definitely will lose the presidency altogether. This early, critical power players in metropolitical centers are being crippled and disabled, most of them close associates of Binay. The Liberal Party is serious on mounting a successful presidential campaign by 2016, and they would really dismantle every single power center out there which is not within their scope.

Possibility of political parties crying foul this elections? Huge.

Possibility of these parties becoming destabilizers after the elections? Huge.