Thursday, April 29, 2010

Villar should blame his media handlers if he loses the elections: Better luck next time Manny siguro by 2024

Nacionalista standard bearer Manny Villar is undoubtedly, the most qualified of all presidentiables. He's young. He's intelligent (UP business administration graduate) and really comes from a middle class family. Undeniably, his rise to billionaire status without using his brute strength (like the other Manny) is admirable. His success story is really inspiring.

Now, why is he now slipping--latest Pulse Asia survey shows him at 20% at par with Joseph Estrada, with Aquino at 39%--or about 19 or so percentage points away. Villar was once statistically tied with Aquino. Noynoy has since broken away, far, far away from the billion peso reach of Villar. Why?

First, Aquino did not lie in his campaigns. What he is, that's what the public got. He never lied about his roots, never engaged his enemies to dirty mudslinging and never accused his enemies of being loonies.

Villar did all that. He lied about his roots. What is so wrong with telling people he was once a member of the middle class? That is better than being haciendero. Villar should have at the oneset claimed to have been a member of the middle class, nakuha pa niya ang sympathy votes of the ABC class. Now, because doubts have been raised about his true roots, Villar is now getting the brunt of anger and mistrust from the public.

Villar did not stoop soooo low as to accuse his political enemies of mental diseases or illnesses. In the Philippines, okey lang if you accuse your enemies of graft and corruption but accusing him of being a mental patient? Excuse moi! Okey lang if you accuse somebody who shows like she's a loony, there's basis. Noynoy does not exhibit such. And that, to us voters, is the lowest form of campaigning.

Other than these two, well, his involvement in the bourse scandal is yet another mismanaged thing.

Net---Villar should blame his media handlers for the mess he is in. It's a pity. He spent millions on public relations and billions more on advertising, yet he failed. Oh, by the way, his ads should have been more effective if he chose sana na calibrated response, not yung series upon series of ad placement. Like I wrote over at FV, voters suffered from Villar fatigue and that showed on the surveys.

I don't think Villar will ever recover from this, no. Anyway, there's always a 2016 or even a 2024. By that time, Baby James and his gang of kids in the Villar television ad ay mga voters na. Villar is sure to win by 2024.